Leila Bird


First and foremost…

I am a mother, and my motivation for success begins and ends with my family everyday.

I have been blessed to have chosen a profession in which allows me the independence and flexibility to manage my own business with the amazing sponsorship and team of Prime Ventures Real Estate. I get to utilize my previous work experience in retail management of almost ten years, marketing for almost five and sales pretty much my entire working career. I learned the fundamentals of operating a business from my father at a young age, the importance of customer service and leadership in management from retail, and how important thinking creatively as a team to impact end result from my marketing background. Each role I was involved in had service, sales and importance of relationship building in common and it is from these experiences and resources that I am able to channel into one awesome power packed adventure as a REALTOR®.

Every day there are new challenges and possibilities, I intend to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. As a real estate agent, my job is to represent my client in a fiduciary relationship and offer nothing but the best from listing to closing, managing existing properties, buying or leasing and every step in between. I take great pride in my work ethic and the clients I represent are more than just clients, they become valuable long term relationships that are cherished.




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